– Meet Bridget –

Bridget Malloy Kosierowski is a lifelong Pennsylvanian; born and raised in Clarks Summit, educated as a registered nurse at Villanova University in Philadelphia, and today with her husband, Joseph, raising their four children in the same neighborhood where Bridget’s parents raised her and her five siblings.

The decision to run for public office is a very personal one for Bridget and her family. It is born from a professional life in the health care sector as a working nurse, as a mother to a young child who survived a devastating leukemia diagnosis, and as civic leader who believes that 114th District residents deserve a representative in Harrisburg who is fighting for them and standing up for what is right.

Bridget is not a career politician. She has not spent decades learning the ways of Harrisburg or Washington, D.C. But she believes wholeheartedly that there is power in bold thinking and there is credibility in conviction.

That’s what this race and this role mean to Bridget. Not simply to hold an elected office, but to build a stronger community with good jobs at a good wage; to place the interests of constituents ahead of personal, political, and financial interests; to protect women and children from sexual assault and abuse; for better schools, for a better healthcare system, and for property tax relief.

In March 2019, Bridget decided to become the change she wanted to see in Pennsylvania. She made history by becoming the first Democratic Woman from Lackawanna County to hold the office of State Representative in over 55 years as she won with more than sixty-three percent of the vote.

Since being sworn into office in April 2019, Bridget has been a voice for people across the 114th Legislative District. During her short time in office, Bridget has already brought $8.9 million back to the district for infrastructural updates and community revitalization.

Bridget introduced twelve pieces of legislation that tackled many issues that include taking on the fight to protect victims of domestic violence, protecting our children’s health in our schools, creating a safe work environment in healthcare facilities through Healthcare Facilities Violence Prevention Act, and Nurse Licensure Compact Laws. Bridget introduced H.B. 2435,  Saving Lives by Protecting our Food Supply Chain. Legislation would create a Food Processing Plant Reimbursement Program to help the Department of Agriculture pay for personal protective equipment for workers and more frequent cleaning of plants and facilities to help reduce the number of workers who become infected.

H.B.2435 passed unanimously in the  State House of Representatives and the State Senate Agricultural  & Rural Affairs committee.

Bridget’s District Offices have provided over 10,000 services to constituents. She was also appointed to serve on the Legislative Task Force to study drug recovery, a role she was recommended for by leadership in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives due to her 26 years of service as a Registered Nurse.

It’s crucial to Bridget that we continue the progress we are making in the 114th district in the short period of time she has been in office and not turn back.